Sunday Bloody Sunday

lazy sunday for sure, I decided to take some snaps....

1.what's in my bag (i noticed zoraida and jayjayne doing this so I followed in suit)

my sad old phone (i broke my new one so I had to down grade )
my makeup bag a funny knock off of a harajuku bag, it was a gift and I don't think my friend knew it was making the reference but I think it's adorable and makes me laugh everyday.
my constanza-esque un-close-able wallet
lip gloss
extra batteries for my nikon
2nd generation ipod nano
rose bud starwberry lip balm
excedrin and pepto bismal, because I'm getting old...

2. new nail polishes my mom bought me, they kinda of remind me of Anna Sui's bottles...

3. Pac man fever, I scored these bad boys at that horror fest last weekend, I'm pretty stoked about them, they are sooo grotesque

4. I got new glasses, I love them because now I don't have to wear contacts to put on fake glasses, these have my prescription. But I also got two pairs because I know this trend will soon die out..:D

5. My audition today. It went pretty fast, maybe because I got there at the end of the call, it was super fun, let's cross our fingers shall we...

That was my sunday, I love lazy ones with lounging around, hot baths, and brisk autumn weather. I also ended it with homemade nachos & a new movie I bought called Adam, it's really good, I liked it better than 500 days of summer. Check it out if you like.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, or what's left of it anyway.