I'm really a designer...honest

Even though I might talk about music, fashion, and movies I'm in MORE than me being an ACTUAL graphic designer, doesn't mean I'm not a graphic designer...

Me and graphic design love and hate each other. We're like cousins, forced to be together, don't know each other that well, but would sarcrifice for one another in a heart beat...I've been doing this for half my life, no seriously, I have. My oldest brother put me in front of a computer when I was 11 and I haven't stopped. I mean at the time I started getting comissions for like bake sale flyers, but hey work is work right :D...

So I thought I'd show ya'll some of my recent works I'm pretty proud of. I'm currently a supervisor in a graphic design program at a local university. That's as vague as I'll get because I don't want all ya'll in my kool-aid...anyway, let's take a looky loo shall weeeee?

(I took out the information to save my identity..lol)


These first ones are some promotional material, some days my work gets real corny (yes the bad typefaces are chosen ON PURPOSE) because I know some people won't even look twice at these posters, they'll too busy finding out if stacy likes them or whatever 18 year olds are fascinated in, do they still like Hannah Montana?

I recently got some freelance work to make this band poster for Katie & Pat whose touring with Stealth like a Canoe. I was super excited because I rarely get to just have the freedom to design for fun outside of my silly blog, haha! I can't wait for these to be posted in Reckless Records, Schubas, Martyrs..heehee! I hope to do more band posters and stuff...


They choose the first one (who doesn't love futura :D ) but I'm really in love with the last two. :)

Anyway, I need to go to sleep on time, hopefully, and eat, I still haven't eaten...I leave you with two videos that always make me LOL...

oooooooooh hamlet hamlet hamlet hamlet, the vampire army has taken the city!

that will NEVER be unfunny...