Pretty in Prep

For those who are just joining us, I wanted you to know...

cute columbia grad (i think) channeling her inner katherine hepburn

Not in the midwest americana sense i.e, ugg boots, vera bradley purses, A&F t-shirts, box blonde GARBAGE...

I mean old school Ivy League, east coast sensibilities, retro prep!

I love how WC is so preppy, i think this is why some people may not always love it because it does dance between gal and fruits style, but hey hey I think what is not to love about prep?!

Even classic eighties movies like Pretty in Pink and 16 candles could not deny the ultra sexiness that is a preppy boy (i mean yes we all love ducky, but at the time Andrew McCarthy and James Spader were FIONE, I believe this is the very reason why I have the taste in men I do today, they do say watch you saw as children shapes what you like in the opposite sex today, although its gotta be old skool prep tho! thats a must! If you're wearing A&F, no thanks :P) and didn't we all dream of being kelly kapowski (or in my case lisa turtle)? In an ironic way, sure....

+++++I love the dance between prep and grunge as well. The grungy girl taking preppy elements and rockin the snot out of it! Like the art school freak dating the secretly artsy guy on the soccer team, rockin his lettermen....Siiiigh I just truly love it all. (imaginative aren't I?)



Preppy at its finest these days thanks to wc, free people, american apparel, and a sweet old collegiate pic! (LOVE THESE BRANDS THEY OWN MEEEEE)


& Of course who doesn't enjoy preppy boys at their finest..lawls (michael j, he was the reason why i watched family ties as a kid ^^;;)

I was inspired to draw a list of TOTAL NEEDS, I didn't even realize that it was all preppy sensibilities until I was done. I just NEED that WC lettermen sweater...I NEEDZ IT.


anyways, was this post too short? I feel like maybe so but I really need to clean before I go to bed! I finally caught up on my blogging BUT still need to reply to your lovely and faithful comments, know that I read them all sometimes more than once ;)

Nitey nite! try to find a way to PREP YO LOOK GURRRL! Listen to this mix to get you inspired!