When a black cat, crosses my path

It's almost time for Halloween, so you know what that means..


wait, no...it's clearly Kwanzaa that means new shoes, sorry I get my religious holidays mixed up sometimes (learn sarcasm)...

Anyway, for those of you who religiously follow my prophetic tweets (not really) YOUD KNOW THAT MY MOM WAS IN TOWN YESTERDAY...well she's never not in town, we just live 30mins from one another but...anyway...

SHE BOUGHT ME THINGS..which at 23, that's pretty exciting. Most of my money goes to food, bills, comic books, and urban outfitters, ya know-the necessities, but I rarely just get to buy stuff cause I just want to. It was fun I felt 12 again buying back to school clothes. At first I felt a bit guilty, I'm not one to indulge, but after a while I was like "WELL IF YOU INSIST..."

Which brings me to the point of this post...MY NEW SHOES, I try to keep my blog fairly educated, sometimes polticial, always internal, but sometimes I just want to be a girl and take about materialistic crap CUZ IM AMERICAN




The first two she bought the last one I actually got a while back but I never showed you. She also got me those nordic tights, and brown victorian-esque leggings, I bought the batty socks which I'm also very much into right now. I want to rock them with everything.

Regardless she did take me shopping because I was sick for a while and to bribe me to help her design some stuff for her, which I'd gladly do for shoes (sucker is born every minuet...)

She also got me some new clothes and make and etc, which I'll post later, today felt like a day to celebrate mes pieds!

I also want to leave you with a mixtape. I've been inspired Zoraida she makes some awesome mixes as well...is it *as* awesome as this one...well..let you be the judge...

ps cover art brought to you by sara mari via lisa frank, "got to have it!"