i'm not dead

hey guys, sorry for being MIA for like A MONTH...theres been a lot going on, I got strep and i'm super stressed with the zine its so much work and its due out Monday!!! But i needed a break so i decided to blog to you.

I decided to change out my bloggy, it needed some sunshine, the last one was too gloomy. heehee. I'm SO ready for spring. I suppose I was subliminally by MIA for being MIA--LAWLS.

The little brown dude is a chibi me btw..heehee, and MISTER DONUT-ME LUVS DONUTS!

Anyways, I think it reflects my personality. Does anyone else feel like they have been going through changes, like things you onced liked you no like no more? I feel that way....

I know I keep referring to this post, but I remember making this big deal about liking uzzlang style. And after Christmas i'm just not loving it anymore. Perhaps its the fact that I like to wear clothes that fit my body as woman, and some of the styles are like oversized, and with my boobage I just look kinda crazy. I'm learning to dress for this body, with things that I like.

And I believe that this is all about finding a personal style. You try things and realize what works, and what doesn't. For some Lolita works, for others Visual Kei, some really like gal and others really don't. But as we grow we find out what looks nice on us and what just looks ridiculous. And dressing in uzzlang style made me feel not quite right. I can admire it (like gal style) but it doesn't work for me.

I think it started a few weeks ago when I looked at the Feb Vivi, I really adored the 60s inspired style and Kiko's haircute is LOVE, I really like the combitnations of girlie and tomboy. Kiko and Lena pull it off really well. I have always been a fan of gamine style and I think I'm finally allowing it to take over my wardrobe. I even cleaned out my closets!

I have always loved JILLE and Zipper, and even FUDGE magazines, and I realized that I always enjoyed that "relax kei" style. Its still hipster ish, it still has stripes and junk but it just looks better on me it's like france meets japan. and I LOVE IT. (If you read this months JILLE or FUDGE you'll get what I mean by what style I enjoy)

this blogger is a perfect example of the look,
she is perfection!

I was desperately looking for these looks in YESSTYLE and I think the brand Spring Girl does a good job with the street look. I really love these looks!

the detailing on this skirt is so cute!

I like the suspenders and the acid wash. '
It still says korean/japanese style without having to be oversized.

Love this coordinate!

I have always been a fan of J.Crew, Anthropologie, Free People, Marc Jacobs, Nanette Lepore, and Rebecca Taylor. And I think i'm just going to focus on these looks than anything else. (As for Japanese Brands I like WC even though its gal its ADORABLE, i also enjoy RNA, Milkfed, Uniqlo, Tsumori Chisato..)

BUT IVE BEEN SO GOOD saving money! I said I wouldnt buy clothes until I got to my ideal size, I've lost 4.5kg since the new year! And I don't want to buy stuff now that won't fit later. I'm saving for a spree in the spring. I should be good by then. And believe me I've been working hard, but now living better and making healthier choices has just become easier than work :).

Anyway guys, now I'm super hungry and I need to get back to work. i'll be lurking on your blogs and finally commenting and getting back into the blog swing, but especially after the 1st. thanks everyone for your support. no worries, I'm back! (and thanks for following :D )

And a special thanks to Lissy about my valentine award! I'll post about it soon.


Anonymous said...

Those outfits are sooo cute! ^^

Shop N' Chomp said...

Love your new blog look, Bianca! And congrats on losing weight and saving money! =D Great outfits you've selected here. That Spring spree is going to be fun....!!

γ•γ‚‰γΎγ‚Š said...

Ok, first off, the new layout is AMAZING! It's so cute how you made flowers of Pon de Ring donuts XD It makes me hungry and happy. And you know I am a big fan of your art work^^

Sorry to hear you've been so busy, I hope everything goes fine with your magazine work. I'm looking forward to the next issue!

Yeah, fashion is something that is fluid so things you once loved easily move away, and new things come in. That acid wash skirt is so cute^^

Thank you for the truly lovely comment on my video. I was worried I was coming off as a awkward jerk, so your kind words helped me feel more confident! Hugs^^

Ray-Ray said...
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Ray-Ray said...

Welcome back!
The blog is looking super cute... makes me wanna update my blog (maybe in the spring) Congrats on the 4.5kg loss! I'm trying (and failing) at losing weight for the spring.

emma said...

I love love love your new layout for your blog. It is so adorable! I need to make a new springy looking one for my blog...I need to lose about 10 pounds for spring too but it's hard to stay motivated because it's just rain rain rain where I live.

Glad to hear you're still around and thanks for following me :D

Jenny said...

Awe the background is so fun & summer feeling!!

WHOA!! 4.5kg you deserve some splurging on clothes come spring! :D

Bianca said...

babymei: i know right ah they are so lovely

shopnchompn: I can't wait! thank you

saramari:hugs!!! everything you said is so sweet thank you!

rayray: don't give up, keep trying trying! I'm sure you'll get there it took me years to buckle down. :)

emma: thank you, me and my bro are still laughing about your jirachi comment

Jenny: thank you, I need summer somewhere it my life. I can't wait to splurge!