...through my eyes

at first I felt like I had nothing to post about today. But then i went through all my SD cards and saw all these places I went, the shopping I did, the food I ate. All these little moments that I had that I wanted to share with you, but never found the time.... so I decide to create this theme post called "through my eyes" (I been hitting the Peter Gabriel pretty hard recently)

I did some explorations, some of these pictures are a few days old, some are months old, I just wanted to share these musings and nuances of my daily life with you, things that make me laugh, cry, or even just sigh (heh) let me know what you think of this, I have so many pictures I want to share I could do this for whenever I have blog downtime (haha!) Its kinda like what i did last time with the less words more pictures...but more organized ^^

Here are the categories I came up with, 4 pictures, may or may not be relate


some may double sometimes if one category falls short or doesn't fit, anyway, here we go:

alexander calder exhibit at the MCA, i go to the art musuem often...


mmm froyo, a new place i always wanted to try, the kind were its by the ounce...it was..ok...


coordinate for running errands, i miss the nautical nonsense look, i love high buns...

theres this girl who hula hoops..EVERYWHERE, at my college, at concerts i go to, in the loop...doesn't matter, she's EVERYWHERE, i like the dynamics in this pic...i mean i guess its an unusual sport, not sure if it will catch on as an "ironic pastime" now...skipit...it where its at...remember skipit?


never got one as a child, i tried to make one with a jump rope and failed with rope burn :/....